Frequently Asked Questions:

Question-1: Is $31.99 USD, one time charge? Is there any free trial available?

Reply: $31.99 USD billed once at the time of installation and its not refundable. There is not any free trial for this App.

Question-2: Why does the "Quick view" button not display on the front-end even though files are installed?

Reply: You've to set "yes" for the "Enable App" option, please have a look to below screenshot to get an idea >>

No Image Available

Question-3: Custom design changes lost after click on "Install App Files" button.

Reply: When you click on the "Install App Files" button, then old files are deleted, and new files are created.

So, whatever changes you've done in design part will be deleted permanently.

Therefore, we've put an alert message when you click on "Install App Files" button.

Question-4: "Quick Variants View" App is not working after changing theme.

Reply: After installation of our "Quick Variants View" App, our App files are copied under your currently active theme.

So, when you change your theme, App files will not be there on that new theme.

We suggest you to Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Variants View >> Theme Integration >> One Click Installation tab.

Then re-install the app files & template code by following steps listed in documentation guide by (click here)

Question-5: Why "Quick View" button is not appearing in my theme?

Reply: If you're using custom themes other than free shopify themes then you'll need to paste "Quick View Button Template Code" in a theme file.

Every theme has different structures, so we can't presume exact filename but you can follow steps listed in our documentation guide by (click here)

Question-6: How can I change "Quick Variants View" styles or look?

Reply: You can change styles for the "Quick Variants View".

For that just Go to your Online Stores >> Themes >> Actions >>Edit Code >> Assets >> sm-quickview.css

Question-7: Where can I change "Quick Variants View" texts into my language?

Reply: You can change texts for the "Quick Variants View" in your language by follow steps listed here >> (Edit Texts)

Question-8: Where Can I change "Quick Variants View" configuration settings?

Reply: You can do so by go to Apps >> Quick Variants View >> General Settings.

Question-9: How can I uninstall app files from active theme or any other theme?

Reply: App Files will not be removed after uninstallation of the App.

So, You can Uninstall App Files before you uninstall the App.

For that, Please Go to Admin >> Apps >> Quick Variants View >> Theme Integration >> One Click Uninstall.

Then select theme from which you want to uninstall the app files then click on the "Uninstall App Files" button.

Just choose your active theme or another theme (in which you had installed app code files) from dropdown then click on "Uninstall App Files" button.

Question-10: Can I have "Quick View" button on my search page?

Reply: Yes, you can have a "Quick View" button on your search page product`s grid.

You can use below template code of Quick view button to display it on the search page product`s grid.

{%- comment -%} Quick View App Shortcode Starts Here {%- endcomment -%}
{%- if item.object_type == "product" -%}
{%- if shop.metafields.sm_variant_qv.enable_app == "yes" -%}
{%- capture quick_view_content -%}{%- render "sm-quickview-button" -%}{%- endcapture -%}
{%- unless quick_view_content contains "Liquid error" -%}{%- render "sm-quickview-button", product: item -%}{%- endunless -%}
{%- endif -%}
{%- endif -%}
{%- comment -%} Quick View App Shortcode Ends Here {%- endcomment -%}	

Question-11: Can I have "Product Reviews" displayed in "Quick View" pop-up?

Reply: If you're using free shopify product reviews app i.e. then our App will display ratings stars by default.

But if you're using another third party app then you can contact us by drop an email at >>, we`ll help you.